An Address Delivered Before the Members of the Anti-Masonic State Convention: Assembled at Augusta, Maine, July 4, 1832

by Moses Thacher


Moses Thacher was born on November 14, 795 in Princeton, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He was frustrated with the growing number of people involved with Freemasonry in his religious community. He felt the oats one swore as part of Masonic ritual were incompatible with religious doctrine. It became a serious issue for Thacher, so much so that he felt it destroyed the character of his Christian church. He was not alone, as numerous other people left their church to join one that prohibited Freemasonry. He penned a few anti-Masonic tracts, including, “Masonic oaths neither morally nor legally binding” and “Reasons assigned by the Church in North Wrentham for withdrawing from their masonic brethren and others and being formed into a distinct and seperate church.” On July 21, 1878, at the age of 82, Thacher passed away in Cambridge, Henry County, Illinois.