Select Historical Memoirs of the Religious Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers: Being a Succinct Account of Their Character and Course During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

by William Hodgson


William Hodgson Jr. was born on May 24th, 1804 in England. His father was a Unitarian minister, but after hearing from a Quaker, Thomas Scattergood, he converted and joined the Society of Friends. Hodgson Jr. relocated to Philadelphia in 1827, where he would go on to marry his wife, Elizabeth Richardson and then have a daughter with her, Mary.

Hodgson wrote a great deal about the Society of Friends, including “A brief account of the sorrowful lapse from the first principles in the Religious Society of Friends” (1862), and the two volume work, “The Society of Friends in the Nineteenth Century” (1875). He was very involved in the operational functions of the local Friends Society, and eventually established the General Meeting of Friends for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

This new edition is dedicated to the library of the Friends Meeting of Washington D.C.