Young Freemasons?: Frank S. Land’s Order of DeMolay

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Edited and Introduced by Guillermo De Los Reyes

The OrYoung Freemasons COVER FRONT ONLYder of DeMolay is a puzzle.  It originated in the United States but is widespread, with chapters in Italy and Japan and Germany as well as Latin America and Canada, and with rituals involving events in medieval Paris. It is closely associated with Freemasonry but its leaders emphasize it is not some sort of junior Masonic group.  President Bill Clinton was sufficiently committed to it that he interrupted a packed schedule to meet with fellow DeMolay leaders in Manila on his Philippine visit in 1995.  This book was edited by the founder of the order, Frank S. Land, during the early days of the movement, and is a surprising insight into a social phenomenon.

original Order of DeMolay cover

bookplate in original Order of DeMolay