Letters from Uncle Henry: Being His Adventures with Children, Dogs, Fairies, Ambitious Pigs and Others

by Henry B. Mason

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Notable for his curiously upturned eyebrows, Uncle Henry offers his many nieces, nephews and other interested children beguiling stories of far-away lands, talking animals and other magical tales. Uncle Henry was a real and adopted uncle to many children, and wrote for all of them and as a bit of an escape from his own life as a lawyer. It was more fun to write of legends than legal briefs. This illustrated collection of his stories is excellent for any child, big or small, looking to drift off¬ to a new world and improve their vocabulary. When Letters from Uncle Henry first appeared in 1926, reviewers found the book to be more understandable for youngsters than some of the far-fetched tales then in circulation, and more likely to win bedtime hearings. This edition is dedicated to Judy Rich Lauder, for use as a grandmother!