A Fox-Hunting Anthology: Selections from the Writers of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries

by E. D. Cuming

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Edward Wfoxilliam Dirom Cuming was born in 1862, the son of the late Colonel Edward William Cuming. He studied at private schools and then began working in business overseas, primarily in Lower Burma. Soon, having enough wealth, he was able to pursue his passion of writing. He served as the assistant editor for Land and Water from 1892-1896. He also wrote numerous works about hunting, such as Fox and Hounds (1915) and British Sport Past and Present (1909) and his impressions of life in Burma, including In the Shadow of the Pagoda (1897) and With the Jungle Folk (1897). This volume adds to the literature about the British Empire and its sports, which has attracted considerable scholarship in recent years.

This edition is dedicated to Wallace Boston, keen observer of horses and hounds.