Ritual for Local Camps: Royal Neighbors of America, Auxiliary of the Modern Woodman of America

by Royal Neighbors of America


The early members of the Society were ahead of their time. In addition to providing life insurance for women, they stood firmly behind the women’s suffrage movement. Royal Neighbors was also one of the first fraternal societies to insure children and recognize mortality studies establishing the fact that women live longer than men, and to reflect that difference in life insurance premiums.Royal Neighbors of America was founded in 1888, when Marie Kirkland got a group of eight wives of Modern Woodmen of America members to meet in Council Bluffs, IA. Within a year, they became a fully fledged organization with ritualistic practice and an articles of incorporation, as the non-profit organization wanted to better the world. They also wanted to benefit from insurance laws, so they incorporated in Peoria, IL in 1895, forming as a beneficiary society under the lodge system. They are developed as a non-profit, mutual aid organization that provides insurance. The organization was active in the women’s suffrage movement, and has assisted with providing aid to those in need during numerous natural disasters since the 1906 San Francisco, as a part of their ideology of providing aid to neighborhoods in need.