Drinking-Water and Ice Supplies and Their Relations to Health and Disease: Filtration in the 1900s

by T. Mitchell Prudden MD

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Theophil Mitchell Prudden (1849-1924) wrote numerous medical books, focusing on rather mundane aspects of life and their connection to health, such as Story of the Bacteria (1889) and Dust and its Dangers (1891). Prudden was born in Connecticut and studied at Yale where he received his MD in 1875. He went on to become a Professor of Pathology at Columbia University in 1892, where he taught until 1909. Prudden developed successful labs, wrote a great deal and incorporated in the curriculum newly emerging medical fields such as pathology, microbiology and infectious diseases. He deeply loved his work and research. On the rare occasion he vacationed, he traveled to the Southwest and enjoyed the isolation while hunting for fossils.

This edition is dedicated to Jeff Camkin, who pursues water policy studies with energy and good humor.