This cover is a portrait of Lars Gustaf Sellstedt. He has a painting pallette in his hand and is turned towards the viewer, while sitting down.

Art in Buffalo

by Lars Gustaf Sellstedt


Lars Gustaf Sellstedt was born in Sundsvall, Sweden, and then immigrated to the United States, working on the Great Lakes. He was only a young child of 12 when he started work as a cabin boy, and by the age of 23, he came to work in the Great Lakes region since it seemed to be somewhat safer than the open ocean. He later taught himself to paint, earning some recognition for his portrait work, which was enough so that he could quit working on boats and become a painter in Buffalo. Later, he even opened a studio there.

Some of his most popular portraits are of past presidents, Grover Cleveland and Millard Filmore. In addition to portraiture, he was known for his masterful painting of seascapes. He later helped to found the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy in 1862. This work, Art in Buffalo, was originally released in 1910, and was the culmination of his decades of experience in the local art scene.

This edition is dedicated to Charles Kreiner, great good friend of many Buffalo institutions, knowledgeable about the city’s past and ever firm believer in its future.