James Freeman Clarke: Autobiography, Diary and Correspondence

by Edward Everett Hale

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James Freeman Clarke was born on April 4, 1810 in New Hampshire. He was well educated, attending Harvard College, then Harvard Divinity School. He studied to be a minister in the Unitarian faith, taking the pulpit in Louisville, Kentucky. Seeing firsthand the horrors of slavery, he became
a vocal abolitionist. He wrote a great deal, crafting dozens of articles, over two-dozen books, and more than 100 pamphlets.

Clarke was interested in many things, to the enrichment of his congregations, including exploring eastern religions. He was also influenced by utopian writings and communities, and even went so far as to purchase the site of one, Brook Farm. He ended up giving the space to the US during the Civil War, where it was renamed Camp Andrew and used for training.

This new edition is dedicated to Rev. Dr. Robert M. Hardies, minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington, and able leader of social causes.