Washington and His Masonic Compeers

by Sidney Hayden


As Sidney Hayden wrote of this work on George Washington and his Masonic pasts, “Biographies of Washington, and the most eminent of our countrymen who were contemporary with him, have been often written so far as relates to their public acts, and in many of them we have also a portraiture of their personal and domestic history. Such delincations, interwoven with their memoirs, give us a truer estimate of the character of the individual, and enable us to weigh with more exactness the impulses of and influences that have impelled or retarded him in his public career.”

Hayden offers this work which examines the life and fraternal relationships of George Washington along with leaders of various Masonic lodges, such as Henry Price, John Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, Pierpont Edwards, Mordecai Gist, and Jabez Bowen.

This edition is dedicated to Dr. Jason Williams, scholarly and imaginative investigator of unexplored years of Washington