Washington Bookplates: Six Articles Reprinted from The Town Crier, 1925-1926

by Frederick Starr

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On November 11, 1889, Washington became the 42nd state of the United States. The state worked to put together the appropriate bureaucracies and other earmarks of its new status. As it came together, Frederick Starr, who had moved there, felt, among other things, the area could use a census of bookplates of the region. In Washington Bookplates, Starr examines several bookplates in detail, discussing, the owners’ intentions behind the illustrations, the artists and, of course, ties to Washington state. Bookplates with only a tangential link to a Washington author or owner are included as well. Washington Bookplates offers a look at historical design processes, publications and the creation of a state.

This new edition is dedicated to Dr. Albert Keller, remembering Harvard and Dunster days.