The Black Tortoise: Being the Strange Story of Old Frick’s Diamond

by Frederick Viller


Frederick Viller is the nom de plume of Christian Herman Sparre, a Norwegian Commanding Admiral and a member of Parliament. Sparre was born on July 30, 1859 in Norway to a prominent physician father, who also was a member of Parliament. Sparre was a graduate of both the Norwegian Naval Academy and the Norwegian Military Academy. He went on to a distinguished military career, all while serving as a politician, first serving on the Council of State Division in 1900, later being elected to the Norwegian Parliament in 1913.

Sparre also wrote a variety of fiction as well. The Black Tortoise is a detective novel, followed by The Mysterious Ship. The works were translated from the original into English. This particular work was translated by Mrs. H. L. Braekstad.

This new edition is dedicated to Larissa P. Watkins, scholar and librarian extraordinary, guide to Masonry and mystery.