The Lindlahr Vegetarian Cook Book and A B C of Natural Dietetics

by Anna Lindlahr and Henry Lindlahr MD


The Lindlahrs, Henry and Anna, wrote extensively of the merits of a vegetarian diet, and are considered to be the authors of “one of the cornerstone texts of American naturopathic medicine.” While science has shown that some of their findings in this work are false, many have been shown to be helpful in improving health, such as access to sunlight and fresh air, and a plant-based diet. This work contains a variety of recipes for creating vegetarian meals.

Henry devoted himself to Naturopathic approaches after being diagnosed with diabetes during a time for which there was no cure. After reading Louis Kuhne’s book, The New Science of Healing, and traveling to Europe to try different medical treatments, Lindlahr found ways to control his diabetes. To spread awarenness of natural medicine, the Lindlahrs created a magazine called “Nature Cure” and founded the Lindlahr College of Natural Therapeutics.