An Introduction to the Formation of Freemasonry in the United States of America: The Constellation of the Brotherhood

by Larissa P. Watkins

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The Constellation of the Brotherhood is another stellar reference resource by bibliographer Larissa Watkins. It encompasses the developmental history of the Grand Masonic Bodies in the United States for each state… It will be a boon to researchers, Masonic libraries as well as public and university libraries and others. It promises to become a classic in the galaxy of Masonic references.

Marie M. Barnett, Librarian at the Grand Lodge of Virginia Library, Museum and Historical Foundation and its Allen E. Roberts Masonic Library and Museum in Richmond, Virginia.

“The Constellation of the Brotherhood is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of the establishment of the “Grand” Masonic organizations throughout the United States. Watkins has plumbed the annual Proceedings and Transactions of hundreds of state-level Masonic bodies and distilled these primary sources into a useful reference source. The book simultaneously provides a quick guide to the establishment of Grand Lodges, Chapters, Commanderies, etc., for all fifty states and quotes original material in a way that allows the reader to feel present at the birth of each of these organizations.”

Jeffrey Croteau, Manager of Library and Archives, Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

The Constellation of the Brotherhood is a fascinating study of the development of American Freemasonry…Here at your fingertips, bibliographer Larissa Watkins has compiled information on the formation of Masonic Grand Lodges and affiliated bodies on a state by state basis…This book should become one of the standard reference books in the overall study of American Freemasonry.

Bill Kreuger, President Emeritus, Masonic Library and Museum Association; Assistant Librarian/Curator, Iowa Masonic Library and Museums, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Constellation of the Brotherhood is one of those fascinating reference works that one can use as such — or a Masonic history buff can take pleasure in just reading. Indeed the Masonic Jurisdictions of the United States are a constellation, complete with stars of all sizes, their satellites and maybe even some novas — but no black holes! Bibliographer Larissa Watkins has provided us with a well laid-out and most helpful catalogue.

Glenys A. Waldman, Ph.D., President Emerita, Masonic Library and Museum Association; Librarian, Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania (Grand Lodge F. & A.M. of Pennsylvania).

“Use of The Constellation is certainly not limited to Researchers or Scholars only. It would make an ideal gift for each Lodge to give a new member as a way of introducing them to the process used by each Grand Body to form themselves into a Masonic Body. It would also be useful to any Mason wishing to expand their knowledge of early Freemasonry in this Country.”

Richard E. Fletcher, PGM (VT), Executive Secretary (Ret) Masonic Service Association