The Art of Cookery: A Manual for Homes and Schools

by Emma P. Ewing


Emma Pike Ewing was born on a farm in Broome County, New York. After marrying, she felt there was a lack of information on domestic affairs, especially cooking. This prompted Ewing to write her first book, Cooking and Castle-Building, released in 1880. That same year she started her own cooking school in Chicago and took on a professorship at the Iowa Agricultural College, which she held until 1887. She left it to teach at Purdue University, but she then started a school of household science in Kansas City. In 1898, she founded the Model Home School of Household Economics. While teaching, she wrote various works, such as Soup and Soup Making (1882), Salad and Salad Making (1884), the book, Cookery Manuals (1890), The Art of Cookery (1896), and Text-Book of Cookery, (1897).

This new edition is dedicated to Judy Rich Lauder, convivial cook and gracious hostess.