Grand Crosses of the Court of Honour: Concise Scottish Rite Biographical Dictionary

by Larissa P. Watkins and Tamera L. Fannin


The Grand Crosses of the Court of Honour: Concise Scottish Rite Biographical Dictionary is a commemorative reference volume that provides a brief description about each Scottish Rite Brother awarded the highest honor bestowed by the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA. From 1872 to 2022, the Scottish Rite awarded 317 Brothers the Grand Cross of the Court of Honour for their outstanding service to the Scottish Rite, their community, and country. Among them are a President of the United States of America, congressman and senators, admirals and generals, scientists and shipbuilders, actors, and teachers. This book welcomes you to this unique Hall of Fame.

Larissa P. Watkins is the librarian for the Supreme Council’s House of the Temple Library. Educated in the Russian Federation as a journalist and librarian, she holds a degree in Library Science from the Cultural Sciences Institute in Ussurisk. Larissa was the Director of Acquisition and Automation at the Gorky State Scientific Library in the Maritime Provinces in Vladivostok, and has represented the library administration at annual national conferences in Moscow and St. Peterburg. As an educator, she has conducted continuing education seminars on the “Automation of Library Processes.” Her other publications include The Men of Dal’zavod, written as an official history for the 100th anniversary of the Dal’zavod shipyard; American Masonic Periodicals: 1811-2001Our Very Illustrious BrotherAbraham LincolnBurnsianaAlbert Pike’s String of Pearls; International Masonic Periodicals: 1738-2005International Masonic Collection: 1723-2011; and The Constellation of the Brotherhood.

Tamera L. Fannin (Tammy) is the Director of Data Management and Operations for the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ, USA, at the House of the Temple in Washington, DC. Employed since 1975, she has managed and helped design four of the Scottish Rite’s membership database systems, hosted both in-person and virtual training seminars on database usage, and authored several training manuals. Tammy also manages the network infrastructure as well as all other computing equipment at the House of the Temple. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Management from University of Maryland, University College and a Master of Science in Applied Information Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Database Management from Towson University in Maryland.