Boston Unitarianism 1820-1850: A Study of the Life and Work of Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham

by Octavius Brooks Frothingham

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A word of explanation seems to be necessary. Many years ago I proposed writing something in memory of Dr. Frothingham, but abandoned the project on account of the meagerness of the biographical material. Within the twelvemonth, a warm friend and admirer of his asked me to prepare a memoir. Then the matter was reviewed once moreBookCoverImage 2, and it occurred to me that some reminiscences of my father might be woven into a sketch of his time. This has been attempted, with what success others must judge. So much is certain, that if I did not undertake the task nobody else would. This will account for the mixture of denominational concerns with personal details. It is needless to say that the author writes as a historian, not as an advocate.”
-Octavius Brooks Frothingham