The Idea of the Digital University

By Frank McClusky & Melanie Winter

It is widely believed that college is not what it used to be. Politicians are calling for a full-scale overhaul of higher education. The public is losing its confidence in higher education. It is argued that American higher education is in crisis. The authors, who together have spent more than 70 years in higher education, are optimistic about the future of the university with one caveat.  The university must come to grips with the way the digital revolution has changed the acquisition, storage and transmission of information. Can the university adapt to these changes and still remain true to its essential mission?  This book provides a blueprint of how to do both.

Comprehensive, insightful and visionary.

Read the review at Kirkus.

Also by Frank McClusky & Melanie Winter: 

“Cathedrals, Casinos, Colleges and Classrooms: Questions for the Architects of Digital Campuses” in the Higher Learning Research Communications Journal.

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