American Indian Love Lyrics: and Other Verse from the Songs of North American Indians

by Nellie Barnes, Foreword by Mary Austin

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The verses selected reflect a variety of subjects, including friendship, sadness, nature, special places and religious beliefs. Although the book is old, it remains a notable source of information on Native American verse. The selections were chosen by Nellie L. Barnes and are sourced from many tribes. Barnes was interested in literature and edited other collections, such as Flowers of Remembrance, In Harbor, and American Indian Verse.

Not much is known about the life of Nellie L. Davis. She wrote into Woodhull & Claflin’s Weekly, described as “the leading and most outrageous of the radical spiritualist magazines, featuring the political battles of Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927), the first woman nominated to run for president of the United States, in 1872.” She was from Louisville, Kentucky, and later married J. B. Barnes.

This new edition is dedicated to Lou Cordia, recognizing his longtime interest in Native American culture.