Negro Poetry and Drama: Revisiting the Voices of Early African American Figures

by Sterling A. Brown, Preface by Whitney Sheperd

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Commissioned by the great Alain Locke and edited by Sterling A. Brown, Negro Poetry and Drama was an essential tool in the African American adult education movement during the early twentieth century. The fight for civil rights was accompanied by a move to educate African Americans who were forcibly ignorant to the histories and contributions of those before them. By showcasing the various works and biographies of black writers, poets, playwrights, and dramatists, Negro Poetry uncovers and celebrates voices of the past, offering unique stories which had previously been marginalized or otherwise ignored within the American canon. Complete with the original discussion questions at the end of each chapter, this edition of Negro Poetry gives us a glimpse of the steps African Americans took to re-educate and reclaim their narratives in the fight towards equality.

Whitney Shepard has a background in English and African American Studies, with an interest in critical race theory and social justice. She is currently the Director of Development and Programs at the Policy Studies Organization in Washington DC.