Historic Styles in Furniture

by Virginia Huntington Robie


Virginia Huntington Robie was born on October 18, 1868 in Salmon Falls, New Hampshire. She enjoyed the immense benefits of education throughout her childhood, and she went on to attend the School of Decorative Design at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and later the Art Institute in Chicago. Her lifelong focus was researching and writing architecture and art, but she also wrote juvenile fiction, and was a professor of art at Rollins College.

She wrote numerous books, including Historic Styles in Furniture (1904), By-paths in Collecting (1912), Quest of the Quaint (1916), and The New Architectural Development in Florida (1922). Her articles appeared in many journals, such as Country Life, Ladies’ Home Journal, the World Book Encyclopedia, Century Magazine, and International Studio, House and Garden. She was a dedicated, driven person, creating a significant catalog of writings, helping to design Rollins College, and strengthening the connection between the College and its town, Winter Haven, Florida.

This edition is dedicated to Elizabeth Helm of the National Sculpture Society, alert observer and imaginative editor of the scholarship of the arts.

The History of Fashion in France: or, The Dress of Women From the Gallo-Roman Period to the Present Time

by M. Augustin Challelmel
Translated by Mrs. Cashel Hoey and Mr. John Lillie

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Born in Paris, Jean Baptiste Marie Augustin Challamel (1818-1894) was a historian who wrote extensively about various aspects of the social history of France. He wrote a great deal, and his works were well-received.

Some of his titles included France and the French Through the Centuries (1882), The Legends of Place Maubert (1877), and The Ghosts of the Place de Grève (1879).

Deeply a bibliophile, he was a bookseller as well as a library curator. He also was involved with the Société des gens de lettres de France, a group of authors who banded together to defend their interests.

This edition is dedicated to Cecile Ravauger, able and energetic scholar and researcher of French social movement.


The History of Men’s Raiment

by The Edson Lewis Company

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Strouse & Brothers, originating out of Baltimore, published this unique tract on the history of men’s fashion in the European world. The work begins with a very brief history of fashion, and then links the Strouse & Brothers firm to that history of high quality fashion. It offers a fascinating look at early forms of advertising in the United States, and of course, fashion and changing tastes. Strouse & Brothers considered itself a purveyor of “High Art fashion.” The high quality illustrations included reveal that “High Art fashion” has developed very different meanings over the years. For Strouse & Brothers, it simply meant well-tailored suits paired with fashionable hats in 1910. Strouse & Brothers enjoyed a long history in Baltimore, becoming one of the largest clothiers in the city. It was founded in 1868 by Leopold Strouse, one of six brothers who emigrated from Germany to the United States.