The Light of Asia: Being the Life and Teaching of Gôtama, Prince of India and Founder of Buddhism

The Light of Asia was the most popular work produced by Sir Edwin Arnold, an English poet and journalist. This work is also known as The Great Renunciation (Mahâbhinishkramana). The Light of Asia is a narrative poem that focuses on presenting the life and context of Prince Gautama Buddha, and is considered an adaptation of the Lalitavistara. While Buddhism was well-known across Asia, outside of the continent, very little was known. The Light of Asia helped spread knowledge and awareness of Buddhism around the world, particularly for a Western audience. Since its original publication, it has been translated into over thirty languages.

Siddhartha: Life of the Buddha

Siddhartha: Life of the Buddha is an illustrated story for adults and children about the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and work for social justice. It includes illustrations from Pagan, Burma which are provided by Rev. Sitagu Sayadaw. The story is inspirational about the perfection of wisdom, translating spiritual practice into action aimed at healing the world.