The Man Who Killed President Garfield: George H. Herbert’s Guiteau the Assassin

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The assassination of President James Garfield has been variously blamed for the decline of the Utopian Oneida community where the murderer once lived, the reform of the American civil service by shocked legislators who noted that the motive seemed to be a legitimate denial of political patronage, and the movement for sterile operating conditions in light of the damage done by surgeons probing with dirty hands for the fatal bullet.  The fascination continues in a killing that is a classic case of stalking and paranoia.

The original printed copy of Guiteau the Assassin included a supplementary insert titled The Expiation, containing two chapters describing the events after the trial, including a detailed account of Guiteau’s execution. As the insert was oddly paginated (137-152; 17-18) it could not be included in this new edition, but it can be viewed in its entirety following the link: The Expiation