Middle East Titles from Westphalia Press


Westphalia Press is part of the Policy Studies Organization longtime mission to disseminate scholarship. Westphalia Press is multidisciplinary in scope, and publishes titles on a diversity of topics including history, art, and literature, as well as politics and government.

We welcome the opportunity to publish original manuscripts and offer attractive terms for authors. If interested, please send inquiries to Daniel Gutierrez, PSO Executive Director, at dgutierrezs@ipsonet.org

We currently have a variety of works exploring past and present issues in the Middle East. Some titles include:


Observations of a Bahai Traveller Baghdad and Points East Spring or Cruel Winter?: The Evolution of the Arab Revolutions A Trip to Palestine and Syria New Directions in the Middle East Eight Decades in Syria War in Syria: R. M.P. Preston’s The Desert Mounted Corps Making Trouble for Muslims: A. Rawlinson’s Adventures in the Near East